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“trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.”― e.e. cummings


pls love me


hi my favorite word is ubiquitous i’m maggie and i’m 18 i am obsessed with music and a lot of other stuff i listen to these bands/artists and a lot more: arctic monkeys, vampire weekend, fall out boy, fun., the 1975, marina and the diamonds, lana del rey, miniature tigers, the format, bastille, lorde, the neighborhood, walk the moon, panic! at the disco, kate nash i also really like tfios and jurassic park and ahs and sherlock and books and musicals i am recently single i also play the french horn and sing and wear a lot of dresses i like coffee and tea equally i talk a lot but most of my friends are shy i’m really nerdy but idc because most people are nowadays my twitter/instagram/snapchat is maggiejivi basically i love people and music and im kinda a history and literature nerd and i like to post pretty things¿

message me and we’ll be best friends ok

my body peace treaty: i promise to stop pulling at the fat, rubbing the stretch marks, cursing my thighs, and picking myself apart. i promise to appreciate what makes my body different, notice all the amazing things my body does for me. i promise to take care of my body—and to quiet the little voice in my head when i look in the mirror. i promise to not let my size define me, and to respect my body by feeding it well. i promise to be thankful for my body. i promise to help any other girl who has body image problems, and never to join in on body-bashing. #seventeen #bodypeace
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